Mozenter Consulting

Services - Facilitation

Organizational Assessment/Solutions
Project Management
Business Analysis: Market Research/ Benchmarking

    Meeting Management
  • Help group reach closure on decisions
  • Manage and resolve conflict within group
  • Complete agenda within time constraints
  • Hold group members accountable
  • Improve communication
    Team Building
  • Help form new teams
  • Increase collaboration
  • Surface underlying issues
  • Clarify Roles
  • Enable group to have difficult conversations they were not previously able to have
    Increased Learning
  • Idea generation
  • Heighten awareness of group dynamics/develop strategies to maximize group potential
  • Enable group to improve group process after each meeting
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Training

  • Group reflection
  • Group dynamics
  • Process consulation
  • Observation/naming patterns of behavior
  • Questioning
  • Flip charting

  • Facilitated difficult conversations with senior leadership team members of a technology company, which resulted in better communication and clarification of roles.
  • Facilitated meetings with managers and their staff at Fidelity to improve the work environment. New ideas and action plans were created.
  • Facilitate monthly steering committee meetings of a professional group for organizational development practitioners resulting in strategic planning and implementation of programs. Phone: 617.454.2013 Fax: 760.465.7395