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Organizational Assessment/Solutions
Project Management
Business Analysis: Market Research/ Benchmarking

  • Improve Managers ability to empower his/her staff and get along with co-workers by improving his/her interpersonal skills
  • Improve Human Resources and Managements ability to solve problems by helping them learn to deal better with conflict and improve communication
  • Enhance employees self-awareness, so they understand what is causing their problems
  • Improve employees ability to manage projects, which will enable them to be more productive, meet deadlines, make better use of their time, and plan better
  • Help develop managers into leaders by improving their emotional intelligence, ability to think more systematically and strategically

  • Adapt approach to needs of the client/ jointly solve underlying problems
  • Work collaboratively with client to solve their problems together
  • Help client learn through the use of questions
  • Integrate coaching with client system
  • Interactive structered sessions
  • Consistently seek feedback from client/monitor progress
  • Measurable Results
  • 360-feedback

  • Coached a division president methods to think more strategically and improve emotional intelligence. Applied a 3-pronged approach of theory, live case studies and dialogue, which resulted in improved self-awareness, more confidence in presenting ideas at board meetings, and enhanced analytical capability. Specific applications included applying organizational design and alignment strategies in the collection department and new analytical skills to determine which new service delivery enhancing technology to use.
  • Worked with VP of Technology on improving his relationship with co-workers through the use of 360-feedback and coaching, which resulted in heightened self-awareness, new perspective on root causes of problems, and measurable improvement in 15 key interpersonal areas.
  • Coached CEO of a telecommunications company on methods to successfully navigate through difficult employee relation's issue. Phone: 617.454.2013 Fax: 760.465.7395