Mozenter Consulting

Services - Business Analysis

Organizational Assessment/Solutions
Project Management
Business Analysis: Market Research/ Benchmarking
  • Improve strategic decision making by better understanding your competitive marketplace
  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved understanding of your current and potential customer needs
  • Continuous awareness of customer needs: via feedback system
  • Performed detailed, accurate, and thorough analysis in a timely inexpensive manner

  • Data Collection:
    • Focus Groups
    • Interviewing
    • Surveying (phone or in person):
      • Survey Coding
      • Survey Design
      • Survey Dissemination
  • Analysis of research data
  • Spreadsheet Analysis
  • Include employees in process, transfer skills over to client
  • Formulated best practice case studies by interviewing over two hundred board members, corporate officers, and analysts and anlyzing financial reports for CFO Effectiveness and Cost of Capital Reductions benchmarking studies for executives of Fortune 200 companies.
  • Found potential investors and stock price drivers for consulting clients in the medical instruments, paper, chemical, and aluminum industries by surveying over five hundred portfolio managers and research analysts.
  • Gathered customer feedback data for Time Warner, Columbia, and other major motion picture studies. The data was gathered by recruiting, qualifying, and interviewing hundreds of candidates for survey purposes under deadline pressure. The information helped clients make thier movie previews and posters more attractive to their target audiences.
  • Completed an in-depth analysis of potential new competitors and clients for an Internet software company resulting in the company's improved ability to enter in new industries.
  • Designed "customer satisfaction surveys" for MIT Phone: 617.454.2013 Fax: 760.465.7395